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We design exquisite events that suit every taste.

We provide servicesthat stand out

Event Handling

If you need someone to be in charge of your special day from A to Z you have come to the right place. From the set-up and venue to your bouquet and entertainment, we take care of every little detail to give you a day to remember.

Event Decoration

Everything is set for your big event and you're just in need for some decoration. Leylti knows just what to do to give your event this special spark.

Event Consulting

Leylti also offers event consulting to help you figure out how you want your event to turn out. We guide you into the right direction by inspiring you and adding your personal touch.

Why host your event with Leyltibecause we are going to do it your way

Leylti is an Event Planning company based in Cairo that specializes in Proposal, Engagement and Wedding Planning. We recently expanded and added corporate events on our list.

Miryam Essmat, a graduate from the American University in Cairo, founded Leylti in 2013. She has lived both in Germany and in Egypt and given that multi-cultural background and experience, she knows how to execute an event not only properly and well organized but also exquisitely creatively to reflect each client’s own taste and budget.

Whether you just want a consultant to guide you, a decorator, or you are in need of a planner who will organize your event from A to Z, Leylti knows exactly what to do and we are going to do it your way.

So just sit back and watch us make your imagination come true.


Your perfect day is just a step away.

Every detail matters

Our creation, your celebration